Category: Technology

The scenario in this paper is aimed at entrepreneurial teams and traditional enterprises with a business-focused, non-technical R&D background.

Thought that the function realization is the whole of research and development.

Functional implementation is actually just the initial technical work. Some non-technical bosses and entrepreneurs want R&D personnel to realize the functional characteristics of a certain product, and believe that the completion is all and everything is done. In fact, this is only the first step in the long march. A lot of outsourcing development is limited to feature implementation.

Technical problems after the function is implemented, at least include the following

First, performance and load support capabilities. How many types of requests can be supported by the user, such as how many times per second, how many times the order is placed, how many orders of data can be supported, and how large. The performance bottleneck will occur in what size of data and what size of request.